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The Automobile Is The Art – Wm. “Red” Lewis

An environment as impressive as the automobiles it surrounds

The Automobile Gallery’s dedication to presenting a unique, world-class facility is keenly focused on the details including lighting, décor, and configuration of our collection to maintain a sharp focus on “the art of the automobile”. Our campus is open and inviting as we share the history and the story of the automobile — more Guggenheim than garage – creating a unique viewing space to showcase the rotation of vehicles on display. And while the automobiles are the focal point, the building itself has received critical recognition of its own for its design and appearance. Since opening, The Automobile Gallery has been awarded the Brown County Historic Preservation Award, The City of Green Bay Mayor’s Beautification Award, the Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance Award of Excellence, and numerous other awards.

Wm. “Red” Lewis

From a 1912 Maxwell to a 2016 Shelby Hertz Edition, The Automobile Gallery collection spans nearly a century of automobile history. Visitors can admire a 1963 Corvette or go “Back to the Future” and have their photo taken sitting in a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. There are just two things all the cars on display have in common: They were all driven to The Automobile Gallery, and they have all been restored to their original luster. The Gallery’s wide variety of makes and models enriches The Automobile Gallery experience. Guests marvel at the array of vibrant paint colors, the number of automakers represented, and the diverse range of automobiles presented in authentic splendor. Each guest’s favorite seems to be the one that evokes the warmest memories… “I learned to drive in this car,” or “I helped my dad restore a truck like this,” or “My first boyfriend had one just like this.” For many, it’s more feelings than fender lines.



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The Automobile Gallery is a space of legend, narrative, and evolution. To that end, the public is invited to donate their own extraordinary automobile to The Automobile Gallery & Event Center. Share your precious metal with visitors from all over the world! Those interested in donating their automobile can contact us at (920) 437-9024, or complete and submit the form on the right.

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The Automobile is the Art

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