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Dedication to Community & Education

From our inception, The Automobile Gallery & Event Center has been dedicated to preserving automobiles for future generations and supporting the educational endeavors of students from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate studies. History reinforces that many of our greatest achievements in this country have begun with encouragement in the classroom. The Automobile Gallery & Event Center strives to feed our brightest minds and to encourage those students who learn in non-traditional ways. We are proud to provide scholarships and training for students of all ages to reach their potential and attain their goals in life.

The Automobile Gallery & Event Center’s
Educational Partners Include:

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Life Skills for a Lifetime

Newton’s Park offers learners a physics playground to design, build, run and analyze experiments, promote discovery in a 3-dimensional format. zSpace allows students to stop and reverse time – all while gathering data to deepen the student’s understanding of Newtonian mechanics.

Newton's Park

Newtons’s Park

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zSpace Human Anatomy presents the human body in ways never before experienced. Students will explore all facets of the human body creating an understanding of how our bodies work while exposing students to a potential career in the medical field.

zSpace Transportation explores multiple modes of transportation that could be expanded to include specific programs assisting Schneider National. Students explore transportation systems for land, air, and water as they discover the relative sizes and facets of each. Students will also create a new transportation vehicle using the engineering design process.

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zSpace Automotive is hands-on 3D interactive training exploring internal combustion – electric- diesel and hybrid technology. Students can virtually change parts and explore various automotive systems in 3-D to prepare them for a career in transportation.

zSpace Sciences allow students to experience the world around them in ways they have never explored before! From fish to animals, volcanos to weather patterns and the layers of the earth, students are only limited by their imaginations.

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Education News

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

One teenager dies in a car crash every hour of every weekend in the U.S. Officer Brent Muller of the Brillion, ...
Throws Open the Doors to a New Art Form

Throws Open the Doors to a New Art Form

De Pere High School “Windows open out onto the universe around you, but doors will take you to where your ...
Ashwaubenon High School Stalker Bantam Project

Ashwaubenon High School Stalker Bantam Project

This prototype of a Stalker Bantam is proof that Ashwaubenon High School’s Formula Student USA Team is literally on the ...
Shawano High School “Drifts” Into The Automobile Gallery

Shawano High School “Drifts” Into The Automobile Gallery

Shawano High School is one place where students are actually encouraged to let their minds drift in class, at least ...

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