Sleek and beautiful – there’s a certain mystique to the automobile that is hard to explain. Our Guest Vehicle Program ensures that The Automobile Gallery carries on this fascination with an ever-changing display of unique and significant vehicles. The Automobile Gallery is proud to list alums of the Guest Vehicle Program and encourages the community to consider displaying their vehicles of distinction for the benefit of our visitors and the community. Showing your vehicle at The Automobile Gallery adds to your vehicle’s pedigree while producing ongoing interest in the gallery’s showroom. We thank all of our Guest Vehicle Program members for their ongoing support.

1923 T-Bucket

Doc & Mary Deyoung

1934 Morgan Super Sport

Dr. Ballo

1949 Buick Super Sedanette

Tom Kujava

1953 Hudson Hornett

Brad Kennedy

1962 Chrysler 300 Sport

Don Krueger

1965 Porsche 356C

Dan Whetter

1966 Rootes Sunbeam Tiger

Craig Dickman

1967 Bart Starr MVP Convertible Corvette

Steve Altieri

1971 Pontiac Jim Wanger Judge

Walter Cloud

1971 Chevrolet Corvette

Walter Cloud

1983 Ferrari 308 GTSi

Dan Whetter

1984 Firebird Bonneville Salt Flats Race Car

Dave Sarna

1989 Camaro Iroc

Keith Obermiller

1997 Porsche 926 Speedster

Dan Whetter

2006 Ford GT

Jeff Tyndall

2009 Lamborghini Gallardo

Dick Resch

1968 Bart Starr MVP Convertible

Kris Erickson

1971 Dodge Demon

Andy Baker

1970 Challenger RT

Bill Chambers

1969 Camaro

Mike Fechter

1956 Continental Mark II

Jim Cowles

1908 Cadillac Model T

Mike & Justin Beno

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